Texas Oil Dust

Texas Oil Dust Wildcatter Garlic Rub


 The “Wildcatter” Garlic seasoning is named after the Oilfield term “Wildcatter”, it is an undiscovered area where no one has ever drilled an oil well or has any knowledge of that area. Anything can happen unexpectedly while drilling a “Wildcatter”. The potential is huge, the pay off can be big and every second you are there, there is something awesome that can happen. Well, the “Wildcatter” Garlic Seasoning  is all of that and more, the potential for big flavor, the unknown payouts for your taste buds and the every meal you prepare is destined to be a huge hit. Our “Wildcatter” rub is light, smooth, savory with a mouth watering touch of garlic that enhances all cuts of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and more. It’s not heavy on salt but with a dash or two over your favorite meats and veggies your taste buds are sure to go where no other flavors have gone before. 

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