Lambert's Sweet Swine O' Mine

Sweet Brine O' Mine Pork Injection


Sweet Brine O’Mine Pork Injection is the creation of the World Champion BBQ team, Sweet Swine O’Mine. This is the same BBQ injection they use for competitions and it’s the same BBQ injection that has been helping them collect awards! It’s an award winning BBQ injection that will help you deliver top BBQ results on the competition battlefield and in your backyard.

This award winning BBQ pork injection is a combination of traditional BBQ flavors and modern BBQ science that together create BBQ masterpieces. Injecting your BBQ pork with this top BBQ injection will result in irresistibly delicious and juicy pork results or try soaking your chicken in this BBQ brine for top BBQ bird results. It’s versatile flavor enhances the taste of both pork and chicken!

Perfect your pork butt recipes, pork rib recipe or your chicken recipes with the award winning flavor of Sweet Brine O’Mine Pork Injection and Marinade.

Directions: Mix 14oz with water or juice to make 1/2 gallon of brine or injection. Mix 7oz with waer or juice to make 1qt of brine or injection. 

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