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Southern Q Water Cooker-250 Model


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Southern Q water pan smokers enable you to cook at temperatures well above 300 degrees and still acheive perfect tenderness because the meat is protected from the hot fire by a large water pan. The water pan both adds moisture to the cooking environment and gives the pitmaster better control over temperature spikes. Featuring an insulated cabinet, large firebox and easy-fill water pan system, these smokers are the secret weapon of some of the most successful BBQ teams on the circuit today!

This is the slimmed-down version of our flagship water pan cooker. The Model 250 has the same footprint as the Model 500, but has three racks instead of four and is two feet shorter. The 250 is the perfect size for whole hog cookers, because both racks are within easy reach. The lighter weight and lower center of gravity also make it possible to use this model as a portable unit mounted on casters. (Note that in the pictures below temporary paint shop casters are installed.)

The 250 is the perfect size for competition cooks who use a toy hauler rig or cook on the gate of their cargo trailer. The flexibility of the 250 on casters also makes it a popular choice for caterers who need to have the option of using their smoker on or off of mulitple trailers. Since the 250 has the same footprint as our Limo, it is simple to switch from gravity feed to water smoker and back without reconfiguring your rig.

250 Specs

Footprint: 36" x 48"
Height (body): 48"
Height (stack): 66"
Weight: 700 lbs
Water Pan Capacity: 15 gal.
Cooking Racks: (3)  24" x 48", or 24 sq. ft

  • 24 Boston butts
  • 24 racks of St. Louis ribs
  • 15 brisket packers
  • 45 half chickens
  • One 100lb whole hog
Standard Equipment:
  • Commercial slam latch
  • Tel-Tru thermometer
  • Front opening firebox door
  • Dual smoke stacks with rain hoods
  • 4 D-ring tie downs
  • Heavy duty 5" polyurethane locking casters
  • Digital probe pass-through port
  • Cross break doors for extra strength
  • Transport handle for easy maneuvering (doubles as towel rack)
  • Water pan fill, drain and level sight
  • Trailer mounting plates
  • Custom smoke stack configurations
  • BBQ Guru fan port
  • BBQ Guru model of your choice
  • Right or left side firebox door
  • Sliding firebox
  • Aluminum diamondplate trim
  • 1100 custom paint colors
  • Extra racks and channels for increased ribs/chicken capacity
  • Stainless Steel cooking racks

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