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Southern Q Limo Junior


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The latest in our line of gravity feed units, the Junior is targeted to be the perfect sized cooker for cooks making the jump from patio cookers to professional grade smokers. The Junior is also a good choice for a secondary unit when you want to cook simultaneously at a different temperature than your main cooker. Designed to be portable while retaining the crucial features of our full size Limo model, two adults can load a Junior into a pickup truck. The Junior is our most affordable gravity feed smoker.

The Limo Junior is roughly half the size of the Limo. The three cooking racks are spaced 7' apart, and can each hold a full sized pan with room to spare. The smoker features the same grease drain system as the full sized Limo, plus a handy storage shelf below.

unior Specs

Footprint: 30" x 26"
Height (body): 53"
Height (stack): 65"
Weight: 290 lbs
Cooking Racks: (3,)  19" x 24", or 9.5 sq. ft

  • 9 Boston butts
  • 9 racks of St. Louis ribs
  • 12 racks of baby back ribs
  • 6 brisket packers
  • 24 half chickens
Standard Equipment:
  • Commercial slam latch
  • 4 D-ring tie downs
  • Bottom shelf for charcoal or tools
  • 3" polyurethane locking casters
  • Tel-Tru thermometer
  • Square charcoal chute
  • Aluminum diamondplate trim
  • Digital probe pass-through port
  • Low profile BBQ Guru fan port
  • Cross break door for extra strength
  • Transport handle for easy maneuvering (doubles as towel rack)
  • BBQ Guru model of your choice
  • 1100 custom paint colors
  • Stainless Steel cooking racks
  • Upgraded casters
  • Transport latch for door

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