Smoking Wizard BBQ Products

Smoking Wizard Original Glaze-Smoked


Delve into the rich, smoky goodness of our Original Glaze now elevated with authentic Hickory flavor. Crafted meticulously, this glaze is the epitome of balance, blending the natural sweetness of brown sugar with the tangy duo of ketchup and cider vinegar. Worcestershire sauce, enhanced subtly by anchovies, melds seamlessly into this mix, providing a depth of umami. Spice aficionados will revel in the carefully calibrated heat brought by chili powder, black pepper, cayenne, and habanero peppers. And just when you think you've savored all its layers, the unexpected notes of vanilla and the binding magic of liquid pectin round off this symphony of flavors. Perfect as a sauce or a marinade, let the Original Glaze - Smoked with Hickory, elevate your culinary creations. Dive in and let your dishes shine!

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