Pitbull BBQ

Pitbull BBQ Brisket Caddy


 The new and improved easy to clean Brisket Caddy!  Are you tired of your Brisket flattening when you place it on the smoker? The PATENT PENDING  Brisket Caddy is designed specifically to prevent those deflated briskets. The stainless steal design is for dual purpose use during prepping and cooking. The punched stainless steal allows for maximum exposure to smoke and heat. The side walls are designed to prevent crumbly edges and gives you an even cook from end to end. The Brisket Caddy fits perfectly into a half pan for easy wrap. You can still wrap in butcher paper if that is your preferred method of wrapping. Oh did I mention if you flip it upside down you can use it as a steak rack on your GrillGrates at your SCA events. 

Short dimensions are just over 9" long and 6 3/4" tall. It is designed to fit in a half pan to wrap with the brisket
Long Dimensions are 16" long and 2" tall.  It is designed to fit in a full pan to wrap with the brisket.
This PitBull version vs. Old Pitbull version:
There is less chance of it sticking to the sides, 100 times easier to clean, use less gloves from sharp edges. Brisket actually slides right out when ready to slice.
***Get your orders in today. The first batch will be a limited supply.  If out of stock, you may e-mail Ellen at ellen@atlantabbqstore.com to get placed on the waitlist.

Did I mention they are ***AMERICAN MADE*** and EASY TO CLEAN?
We are a Veteran owned and Operated company!

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