Meathead Charcoal

Meathead Charcoal- Hardwood Craft Chunk Charcoal- One Time Use Bag


Meat Head Charcoal burns hot, burns clean, contains no chemicals and produces almost no ash. That means customers don’t need to replace their charcoal so frequently (either to keep the fire going or the next time they grill), and there’s no unpleasant aftertaste from added binders and starters. And clean-up is easy, because there’s very little ash residue.

  • Crafted from Quebracho – “Axe Breaker wood” – a South American hardwood All natural – no binders or chemicals
  • Very dense, bold chucks – feel the difference compared to your old stuff
  • Lights clean & fast – no sparks or popping
  • Burns hot – 12,000 BTU’s – bring more heat to sear the perfect steak
  • 1.5x longer burn than other lump charcoal brands
  • Great flavor – works well with beef, pork, chicken, seafood or veggies
  • Responsibly sourced from Paraguay

Pit-master Approved

Whether you’re a professional pit-master or a recreational backyard griller, Meat Head Charcoal is the best craft, chuck char on the market!

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