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Man Meat BBQ The Real Pork Primer


The Real Pork Primer

Pork Primer is the perfect addition to all things pork.  Think of this injection as a marinade.  Featuring all flavor and no filler.  You will not find any sodium phosphates in this flavor and moisture enhancer.  This is the perfect way to elevate your pork to all your friends and family and let you be the hero of flavor.

For the serious bbq competitor, this pork injection amplifies the pork flavor and lets you keep complete control over the amount of phosphate you choose to use, if you desire.

Directions for Injecting: Mix ½ cup to 32 ounces of liquid and shake well.  Adjust for personal preference.


1. Try using a fruit juice (peach, apple, mango, or white grape) as part of your liquid to compliment the flavor of your pork.

2. Use as a dry brine for your pork chops/steaks by sprinkling Pork Primer directly on the meat 45 minutes prior to seasoning to elevate the pork flavor.

3. Add phosphate to your injection mix to increase moisture retention to your liking. (This is not necessary)

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