Crawford's Barbecue Pit Products

Crawford's Barbecue Peach Pit Spritz

Never suffer through dried, overcooked meat results again with Crawford Peach Pit Spritz. Peach Pit Spritz has been formulated to retain and add extra moisture to your proteins during the cooking process while adding a touch of flavor. Peach Pit Spritz can be used as a foil liquid when wrapping protein, as a liquid for brine, and makes a great addition to any marinade. Using a high velocity spray nozzle, you can spray spritz your proteins during a cook to keep the meat moist resulting in delicious tender results. Peach Pit Spritz is a blend of sugar and butter with hints of peach. The fruity touch of peach pairs great with all pork cuts - pork butt, ribs, and more. 16 oz. Gluten free, all natural

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