DoodleQ Competition BBQ

CockaDoodleQ Brine and Injection


Try out this newest Chicken Injection and Brine and find out why it's been killing it on the Competition Circuit!  CockaDoodleQ was designed prominently for birds although birds aren't its only use.   The savory flavor has a distinct onion/garlic taste that is prominent.  When injected its mainly a clear liquid so you don't have to worry about the yellow pockets that can be seem sometimes.

This blend goes very well with nearly any protein you'd like to use it on.  It have a very broad use.  From fish, venison, brisket both as a dusting or injected.  Beef tenderloin, popcorn, vegetables, a very good compliment to beans.  For the pasta lovers, it can be added to spaghetti sauce, just as endless way of using it.

The strength of the product is to taste.  We suggest 1 cup to 4 bottles of water for brining.  Again strength is up to the user.

Injections can be from 1 TBS to a 1/4 cup to 20 ounces of liquid.  This blend is very versatile.

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