All "Q'ued" Up!

All "Q'ued" Up! Steak Shake



The magic happens when you shake it on...

Every serious Grillmaster needs a "go to" seasoning that has well balanced flavors and is versatile enough to be used on virtually everything.  You now have in your hands the secret blend of spices that has helped John Lindsey become a Nationally Ranked Grand Champion Grillmaster on the competition trail.  

Steak Shake not only works wonders on steak, its also perfect for pork, chicken, or your favorite veggies.  Steak Shake is bold enough to use alone, yet versatile enough to be used in combination with your favorite rubs.  Shake it on and taste the magic today!


Ingredients: Salt, onion, garlic, MSG, black pepper, butter, sugar.

Contains: Milk

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