All "Q'ued" Up!

All "Q'ued" Up! Big Red Beef

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All Q'ued Up Big Red Beef (13oz)

The Magic Happens When You Shake It On...

Big Red Beef Rub is an Award Winning, complex rub that has been proven many times on the competition circuit.  The color Big Red produces, along with the rich depth of beef flavor, make this rub stand out in a crowd every time.  

Layer Big Red on top of the All Qu'ed Up Steak Shake and y ou have what we affectionately call the "Qu'ed Up Combo."

Shake it on and taste the magic today!


Ingredients: Salt, sugar, dextrose, MSG, chili powder, pepper, garlic, onion, cumin, white pepper, mustard, oregano, celery, lemon pepper, smoke flavoring, beef base, paprika.

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