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Flame Boss


“I can’t wait to wake up every couple hours to check the smoker,” 

-Said no one EVERRRR!!



About Us

The Flame Boss® temperature controller for kamado-style smokers like The Big Green Egg lets you get a good night’s sleep and still serve smoked meat that ranks an 11 on the traditional 10-point barbeque scale.

Just plug it in, set it and forget it. Flame Boss® takes it from there by controlling the heat with a blower that ramps up and down, while a meat probe monitors internal temperature so you know when it’s perfectly smoked. Flame Boss® lets you keep the lid closed, the temperate steady and the smokey goodness where it should be – encircling your meat, poultry and fish.

Nobody has to know your secret. So set it and go to bed or join the party. Your ribs, pork shoulder, brisket or whatever will taste like you parked yourself next to the smoker for hours. Don’t worry; we’ll never tell your secret. And no one will taste the difference either.

Cruise control for your grill or smoker!


Flame Boss® temperature controllers for charcoal grills and smokers make you a better pit master. Smoke tender and moist meat with precise and repeatable temperature control in your smoker the way nature intended – low and slow.

The History Behind the Making of Flame Boss®

Like most people, Roger Collins loves smoked BBQ. Ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and just about anything cooked on a smoker with the exception of maybe shoe leather. His family are also fans of smoked meats and fish, so Roger decided to become a better outdoor chef and purchased a ceramic smoker. It allowed him to hone his barbecue skills and smoke moist and flavorful meats. His family and friends enjoyed his new barbecue passion. He found himself cooking more and more often.

As Roger’s backyard smoking skills improved, he noticed that it took careful attention to the smoker to make sure that the temperature did not fluctuate over the many hours that meats often required. This meant getting up throughout the night to check on the smoker’s temperature. Being a computer engineer and having an interest in electronic engineering, Roger decided to build a better smoker temperature controller.

It took Roger months to develop the hardware and software for his personal temperature controller. Once it was functional and the kinks were worked out, his friends noticed that Roger could smoke meats for long periods of time without paying constant attention to the smoker. They started asking if he would make them a temperature controller too. After Roger made a few devices for his friends, their friends started asking for one. And so on and so on… He found himself a hungry market without any marketing effort. Roger wondered if this is the business opportunity that he and his brother had been looking for.

Roger had partnered with his brother, Michael Collins, in a successful business venture several years earlier. The pair sold it in 2007. Roger shared his idea for manufacturing grill/smoker temperature controllers with Michael. It took some time to convince Michael that “this is the one,” but with demand growing for Roger’s controllers, Michael spent more time doing market research. Finally, the time was right and the brothers officially founded Flame Boss® in 2013.

Using their past business success as a guide, Roger and Michael decided early on to focus on easy-to-use, high quality products and outstanding customer service as the guiding principles for Flame Boss®.

Flame Boss® is headquartered in Florida, and our passion is charcoal grill and smoker temperature controllers. Our staff is small, but dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Statham, Georgia 30666 United States 770-402-9858

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