Competition BBQ Tip #1 by Smoke Me Silly


For Smoke Me Silly BBQ Team, one of the main components of our success over the last year has been consistency!! I know most teams have heard that before, but it’s amazing how many teams don’t follow consistent processes. We achieved our level of consistency by practicing as much as possible and following a somewhat strict timeline. There is a printed out Timeline spreadsheet posted on every wall of our trailer, and we follow it down to the minute.

We always see those teams out there that are struggling because they are always changing things. Find a recipe you like, and concentrate on cooking each category meat consistently well. Once you get to the point where a piece of meat is cooked perfectly most of the time, then you can start making tweaks to the flavor profile if needed. Bottom line is, quit changing things up all the time and work on following a consistent process and timeline and we guarantee your scores will improve.

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