All "Q'ued" Up!

All "Q'ued" Up! Sweet Thang All Purpose BBQ Rub

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Not just another sweet BBQ Rub, Sweet Thang All Purpose Dry Rub from John Lindsey of All Q'ued up brings the right amount of sweetness up front, combined with a middle layer of spice and just the right amount of heat at the finish, this one is a winner! It has all the makings of an original sweet rub with just a touch of MSG to bring all of the flavors together for the right amount of pop!

John felt that "Sugar and Spice" can make everything very nice, but it is all about the balance between those that makes the most difference. Salt, Sugar and granulated honey are the stars and a bunch of spices in between make this one all about Layerology in the bottle! Perfect for pork, chicken, fish or veggies.

INGREDIENTS: salt, sugar, granulated honey, dextrose, paprika, pepper, garlic, onion, cumin, chili powder, mustard, MSG, smoke flavor and spices. 

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