270 Smokers

270 Smokers- Memphis


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The Memphis is the "go to" smoker for competitive pitmasters as well as for catering and restaurant operations!   Enjoy the temperature uniformity and stability that a 270 Smoker is famous for, while tapping into the extra capacity that the Memphis affords.

Patented 270 Smokers convection design with dual-chimney chamber, dual-wall 16 gauge steel, and 2" ceramic mineral wool insulation (rated at 1200F) enable worry-free smoking in any weather conditions.  Smoking range:  200F to 350F.

Due to the extra large capacity of the Memphis, the fire management system includes two 1.5" ball valves to port air into both the front and back of the firebox.  Use of an electronic controller is optional (it works great without it!)   Side-load fuel chamber provides easy access to the firebox for back-porch trailer and facility installations, and includes a heavily-reinforced ash pan to prevent warping.  Charcoal box holds ~22 lbs of lump charcoal with typical burn times of 6-10 hours+.

4 stainless shelves are standard equipment (additional can be ordered).  12 shelf rails, spaced 2" apart, plus 1 "Northwoods Rail" mounted 1" from top of smoker accommodates an optional rack for hanging meat.

Four 8" casters (2 with brakes) and welded-on handles ensure movement of the Memphis over a smooth floor is very manageable. Integrated "D rings" ease strapping down for transport.

Overall size:  ~36" wide x ~52" tall x ~42" deep.  

Shelf size:  ~25.5" wide x ~20" deep (accommodates full size hotel pans), stainless steel.

Typical capacity, using just 4 shelves, 16-20 boston butts (~150 lbs) OR -10 large packer briskets OR 20-25 racks of St Louis ribs on 4 shelves (or ~50+ racks of ribs if using 8-10 shelves)

Weight:  ~635 lbs

Made in USA with AMERICAN steel.  Stainless steel hinges and latches.

  • Lead time:  approx 16 - 20 weeks PENDING STEEL AVAILABILITY.  CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES. Please call us at 770-402-9858 to confirm shipping options.  Standard shipping options do NOT apply.

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