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Consistency! by Scott Adams

Consistency is Key!

Escape the Scrape!

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Escape the Scrape (Tuesday, September 4th, 2018)

One of the very first things we learned about at the first BBQ class we ever attended way way back that changed our lives was how to cook chicken thighs without scraping the skins.  Our chicken prep literally takes about 20 minutes for 18 chicken thighs.  We don't remove skins, don't remove the veins, and there is absolutely NO SCRAPING OF CHICKEN going on.  The key to not scraping is to find the right chicken.  There are some thighs out there that have so much fat under the skin, that it's tough not to scrape.  We try to find thighs where we can see the color of the meat through the skin just a little bit.

So get out there and find the right chicken and QUIT scraping the skin.

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